Carrier Direct Endorsement℠

Streamlining claim check endorsements for our shared customers.

Assurant partners with 7 of the top 10 mortgage servicers in the nation, and we process more loss drafts than any other provider. In 2021, we released more than 350,000 payments to policyholders for a total of over $3.8 billion dollars.

Providing an enhanced customer experience is at the forefront of everything we do. By partnering with insurance carriers, we are able to reduce the time it takes for customers to receive funds. This helps alleviate customer frustration so they can begin repairs more quickly.

What is Carrier Direct?

Our patent-pending API allows claim adjusters to instantly transmit claim information from their system. They can also request payment instructions and notify our loss draft department of a new payment. Over 75% of the time, the carrier can issue the payment directly to the customer and omit the lender’s name.

Benefits of Carrier Direct

By reducing check handling, follow-up calls and alleviating customer confusion about their loss draft payment, our API integration greatly improves the customer experience.

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Increased customer satisfaction

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Quicker payments

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Reduced costs

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Fewer calls to agents about check endorsement

Seamless Implementation

We’ll work hand in hand with you to incorporate the latest, encrypted technology. The integration process is quick and easy.

Additional Information

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With our insurance provider partners in mind, we built a patent-pending, digitally enabled solution that reduces check handling and follow-up calls. This helps to alleviate confusion, which ultimately improves customer loyalty.

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Our platform provides a bridge between insurance providers and Assurant, allowing systems to connect directly in real time. We use open architecture technology with proprietary data translation to facilitate simple integration.

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We use industry-recognized safeguards to protect your data. While data is in transit and at rest, we employ end-to-end encryption. Our security measures are reviewed on a regular basis by both internal teams and an outside security specialist.

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The Carrier Direct Endorsement platform is hosted by Assurant and leverages the most current and advanced technology available. To meet the needs of our carrier partners, it is intuitive, scalable and reliable.

Assurant Advantages

  • #1

    provider of lender-placed insurance and loss draft services

  • 66%

    market share
  • $46B

    in assets; 9.4B in revenue

  • #300+

    Fortune 500 ranking

  • #1

    provider of lender-placed insurance and loss draft services

  • 66%

    market share
  • $46B

    in assets; 9.4B in revenue

  • #300+

    Fortune 500 ranking

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Many insurance carriers are already leveraging Carrier Direct Endorsement for their customers. Let’s connect and explore how we can work together to improve the claim experience for your customers.