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A partnership with Assurant means you have access to unmatched knowledge, experience, technology platforms, and vertically integrated capabilities. We're the largest, industry-leading experts in vehicle protection solutions for third-party administrators. We know how crucial TPAs are to the auto industry. Therefore, our goal is to deliver crucial data-driven performance insights, compliance assurance, and research to help you succeed.


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Automotive Training Academy

Your performance improvement objectives are unique. Whether you need cost-effective online resources, comprehensive classroom training, or relevant course development, The Automotive Training Academy by Assurant supports you all the way, with a team of learning and content development experts.
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Assurant Virtual Inspection

For complicated claims, there is no substitute for a thorough on-site physical inspection. Yet, third-party inspector services are time-consuming, can delay a claims decision and keep customers waiting. But routine claims are great candidates for virtual inspections.

For more than 50 years, Assurant has helped businesses like yours exceed customer expectations.

Partners trust us to help them adapt to a rapidly changing market by combining data-driven insights and innovative technologies with underwriting, administration, and financial services. And that’s how we can help you optimize performance and navigate every challenge.

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Case Study: Optimizing Sales

Find out how a TPA used Assurant's Performance Institute to provide a customized training solution to increase account acquisition.
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The Acronym Taking Over the Auto Industry

What you need to know about C.A.S.E. and the guiding principals for the future of the auto industry.

3 Ways TPA's Can Count on Assurant

Third-Party Administrators are more important to Assurant than ever before. In 2018, we will continue investing to provide you with access to meaningful insights you need to make a difference, and that starts with better communication flows.