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Assurant is the market leader in insurance tracking. The general process of tracking insurance on mortgage loans can be complex. When evidence of insurance isn’t provided, we must obtain the information from the homeowner or their insurance company. This can generate a lot of frustration for the customer and for the agents who field these calls.

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Between 2020 and 2021, Assurant logged 1.1 Million calls to insurance providers and their agents, totaling more than 146,000 call hours with calls averaging over eight minutes!

No more calls, email, faxes or paper!

We’ve designed a digitally enabled patent-pending solution that is transforming the industry. Because it’s API-based, it acts as a bridge between the insurance provider and the mortgage servicer, allowing systems to talk directly in real-time. With this integration, we’ve eliminated the inherent clumsy data exchanges that plague the industry.


Participating insurance providers that have already integrated HOIVerifySM have experienced these benefits:

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Improved policyholder experience

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Increased data accuracy and efficiency

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Cost savings for insurance provider and agents

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Improved business controls and compliance

Seamless Implementation

The implementation process requires minimal effort. Available real-time and secure. We leverage the latest end-to-end encrypted technology to provide robust technical and organizational controls

Policy verification

Real-time homeowners' insurance verification platform designed to verify policyholder and lienholder information without insurance provider intervention.

Electronic payments

Eliminate paper checks from escrow clients for lower banking costs and to receive funds faster.


Receive automatic mortgage clause updates whenever a mortgage is bought or transferred within our client portfolio.


Receive real-time notifications of client communications and documents

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  • Loss Draft Services Electronic payments
  • Insurance Related Services Corrections
  • Notifications

Additional Information

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We designed a digitally-enabled platform to transform an industry plagued with inefficiencies. With our insurance provider partners in mind, we built a patent-pending solution that eliminates the need for phone calls, emails, faxes and paper to verify and renew insurance, aimed at providing a better, more efficient customer experience with the added benefit of cost savings.

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Our platform provides a bridge between insurance provider and mortgage servicer allowing systems to talk directly in real-time. We use open architecture technology with proprietary data translation to facilitate simple integration to eliminate clumsy data exchanges.


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Security is our central focus. We use industry-recognized safeguards to protect your data. We employ end-to-end encryption while data is in transit and at rest. Our security measures are reviewed on a regular basis by both internal teams and outside security specialist.

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HOIVerify is a cloud-based platform leveraging state-of-the-art technology. Our platform is intuitive, scalable and reliable to meet the needs of our industry partners.

Assurant Advantages

  • #1

    provider of lender-placed insurance and loss draft services

  • 66%

    market share
  • $46B

    in assets; 9.4B in revenue

  • #300+

    Fortune 500 ranking

  • #1

    provider of lender-placed insurance and loss draft services

  • 66%

    market share
  • $46B

    in assets; 9.4B in revenue

  • #300+

    Fortune 500 ranking

News & Insights

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Guidewire and Assurant announced that Assurant has joined Guidewire PartnerConnect as a Solution partner. Two new Guidewire Marketplace integrations will expedite availability of claim funds and automate homeowners insurance verification.
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Assurant Integrates Proprietary HOIVerify Insurance Tracking Solution with Nationwide

The API-based solution enables seamless tracking of homeowners insurance with Nationwide’s policyholders and Assurant.

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Homeowners Insurance Verification


This article first appeared in the Winter 2022 issue of The Demotech Difference, a publication of Demotech, Inc.

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